R-Süsteemid OÜ
reg 10233171

is an Estonian Hi-Tech software development company with spatial data processing expertise dating back to 1989.

R-Systems has developed for EMA also Survey Software
to to collect, store, analyse and present bathymetric data
- Planning of survey jobs (graphical editing of the survey plan).
- Reading data from sonar, GPS-receiver, (gyro) compass and motion sensor.
- Presenting the collected data recalculated into soundings both on the background of the chart and as a three-dimensional bottom relief.
- Storing collected data.
- Presenting the information necessary for navigation to the helmsman on a separate screen.
- Checking the sounding coverage of the survey area.
- Water column and snippet data
- Autopilot mode
- Different modes for sounding visualization

and Post-processing Software
to check and filter out erroneous bathymetric data.
- Searching and removing the occasional errors in the collected data.
- Interactive editors and automatic filters.
- Visualising and analysing the bottom profile.
- Special echo selecting techniques for multiecho sonars, large volume handling (hundreds of millions soundings)
- Searching and marking the discovered underwater objects on the chart.
- Analysing the quality of survey- both the area coverage and accuracy of measurement.
- Exporting checked soundings to cartographic GIS or other analysing systems.
- 3D modelling of the sea floor.
- Smile (specific error in data caused by wrong sound velocity) optimization.
- AI (Artificial Intelligence) for detecting survey errors (pikes) and objects (currently under development).

other milestones
since 1991 – software development for air surveillance systems
since 1994 – hydrographic survey and data management systems
since 1994 – development of the basic means for geo- information systems
since 2000 – web-based systems
since 2002 – minehunting operations and information system
since 2002 – browser-based geo-information systems (WEB GIS)
since 2006 – modernisation of naval navigation systems
since 2010 – tactical data links
since 2012 – land planning
since 2013 – isobath technology for hydrographical data presentation
since 2017 – AI for hydrographical survey data processing
since 2020 – 3D and bottom profile for hydrographical data