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HIS survey managemet: Work flow


Survey areas are loaded into HIS from packed files.
HIS unpacks the file, then extracts information from included ASCII files and fills the relevant tables.
The packed file will be automatically copied then into special folder for raw files.
STATUSES are defined by the stage of work-flow.
Each stage means updating the tables and overwriting the packed raw data file.

  • When survey starts on a planned area its status changes to
  • its status changes to under survey,
  • when survey is finished then the status changes to surveyed.
    At the end of each week the survey areas are taken from ships and loaded into HIS.
  • For post-processing areas with statuses 'surveyed' (the packed raw data file)
    will be downloaded from HIS and the status changes to under processing.
  • After the processing the area will be loaded back to HIS and gets status processed,
    the packed raw data file will be overwritten.
  • Then it will be downloaded for validation and gets status under validation.
  • Finally after validation the area will be loaded back to HIS and gets status final.
    The packed raw data file will be overwritten again.
Remark : data files from Estonian survey and post-processing software hold all data - both processed and raw.

Areas with statuses 'final' are used for filling in the depth cells.
This process occurs during night.
After loading an area HIS sends an email to relevant persons about the updating.

Survey areas by status