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HIS survey managemet: automatic procedures


Loading of areas triggers the following procedures depending on status:
Planned, under survey, surveyed -
update or addition of new area into 'info' and 'survey area' table, display update.
Processed -
update of the area in tables 'survey area', 'survey_area_hole' (if any holes occur),
'statistics', 'wreck', 'rock', 'sp_survey_area_name' (depths in 1m resolution), display update.
For filling the depth table depths are generalized into 1m resolution first.
The generalization is also part of HIS software.
Final -
the same tables as above + filling the relevant cells with depths and contours, display update.
Source for the cell filling are data from depth tables after overlaps analysis.

When retreiving 'final' data,

  • generalization is used for creating different resolutions of depths and for contour making
  • and
  • Contours are made using GMT (Generic Mapping Tools : triangulate, gridcontour, gmtsimplify).
    Contours are made first for area 1km wider of the cell to each side and then cut on exact cell border.
    This ensures that contours from different cells will match.
    Cutting process takes into account also land areas from table 'landareas'.